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Boost Your Health with These Foods

January 10, 2018

By: Almond M. Duldulao

Healthy Mommy, Healthy Baby

Eating for two doesn‘t mean double portions of everything

You can have your cake and eat it too, yes, but making the right food choices is very important throughout your pregnancy and though it is true that you are eating literally for two people, extra helpings of cake and ice cream is crossing over to the dark side.

Let‘s shed some light then on foods that work best and, with a bit of creativity, should taste spectacular and enjoyable until your BIRTH DAY comes.

  • Fiber- Whole grains, vegetables, and fruits helps you avoid constipation and hemorrhoids. Fiber also fills you up faster so you don‘t reach out for the cookie jar to make you feel satisfied.
  • Calcium- To keep your bones strong as you carry the extra weight of a growing belly. 1000-1300 mg of calcium per day from orange juice, milk, yogurt, cheese, spinach, and cereal. A calcium supplement is also ideal provided you have consulted your doctor.
  • Iron- Pregnant women need about 27mg of iron per day from iron-rich sources such as cereal, beans, spinach, meat, and poultry. Iron is important in your pregnancy because it is used to produce hemoglobin in your blood.
  • B Vitamin Folate or Folic Acid- 800mg of folate or folic acid daily from beans, cereal, leafy green vegetables, oranges, pineapple, and other citrus fruits. This B vitamin is helpful in preventing neural tube defects leading to abnormalities of the brain and spinal cord in your baby. Pregnant moms are at risk for preterm delivery and low birth weight if there is insufficient folate in the diet.

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