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World Citi Medical Center Changes the Way of Labor for Pregnant Moms

August 1, 2017

By: Sj Valdez

Maternity Launching

World Citi Medical Center Changes the Way of Labor for Pregnant Moms

August 16, 2017

It gives me so much joy to witness an event that is full of new things to learn, old knowledge to review, and exciting things that are worth sharing to expectant moms who are looking for the best hospital that can cater to their needs that won't hurt their budget from beginning to end.

I am so happy to announce that World Citi Medical Center in Anonas, Quezon City has launched its new Maternity Wing and relaunched its Pre-Natal Package just recently.

Guest of Honor: Doctor Rustico A. Jimenez (President of the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines Incorporated) with Madame Arlyn Grace V. Guico ( World Citi Med President and CEO) , Mr. Raymond Patrick Guico ( World Citi Med Officer-in-Charge and CEO), Doctor Margarita Santella-Jara (World Citi Med Medical Director ), Doctor Lorcelli Parado (Chairman, OB-GYNE Department World Citi Med), and Doctor Meadina Cruz (Chairman, Department of Pediatrics World Citi Med), the board members of the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines Incorporated, Miss Avelyn Garcia (President and Chief Executive Officer of Unleash International Corporation), Mr. Jay Eusebio (Vice-President for Sales and Marketing of UNTV), and Ms. Grace Annabelle Navarro (PVED Corporate Director) led the ribbon cutting ceremony followed by Pastor Alex Tinsay's dedication while pregnant moms learned from the series of seminars led by the OB-GYN Department.

The event was graced by different media personalities, well-renowned doctors in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Pediatrics, employees, supporters, friends, and pregnant participants who brought home goodies from sponsors.

Pregnant guests were given treats from the following event partners: The Parenting Emporium, Beginnings, Cetaphil, Pampers, Huggies, Wilkins Pure, Chicco, and Mommytreats.

The pre-natal and maternity packages were well-researched and planned for a year by the World Citi Med's OB-GYN and Marketing Departments having pregnant moms and their families in mind. Their aim was to change the "way of labor" for pregnant moms because they deserve a worthwhile health care, delivery, and stay from beginning to end. The institution would like to ease their pain and worries, giving them a "Happy Birth Day" by offering any of the packages that includes discounts, free seminars, and freebies that suit the budget of even the most frugal expectant moms.

Let me show you in detail World Citi Medical Center's Pre-Natal and Maternity Packages.


Pre-Natal Package worth Php4,600.00 includes:
Routine Urinalysis
Complete Blood Count
Gel Method ABO Typing
HBSAg Screening
Papsmear (Histopath)
Pelvic or Transvaginal Ultrasound

To make the payment scheme much easier for budget-conscious moms, they came up with more affordable packages:

1st Trimester Pre-Natal
PLAN A worth Php940.00 includes:
Routine Urinalysis
Complete Blood Count
Papsmear (Histopath)

PLAN B worth Php1,555.00 includes:
Routine Urinalysis
Complete Blood Count
Papsmear (Histopath)

PLAN C worth Php1,560.00 includes:
Routine Urinalysis
Complete Blood Count
Papsmear (Histopath)

2nd Trimester Pre-Natal worth Php2,130.00 includes:

3rd Trimester Pre-Natal
PLAN A worth Php1,080.00 includes:

PLAN B worth Php1,255.00 includes:
Routine Urinalysis

All Pre-Natal Package selections come with the following FREEBIES:
- Mother's book for pre-natal check-ups
- Privilege card that she can use at World Citi Med and partner establishments for perks and discounts
- Mother's class on pre-natal, postnatal, breastfeeding, family planning, and other classes
- Access to pre-natal education resources

With any Pre-Natal Package, moms can avail of discounts in the following procedures:

- Hear your baby's heartbeat
- Know your baby's biometry (weight and size)
- Discover your baby's gender
- Get black and white ultrasound images

- Hear your baby's heartbeat more intimately
- Know your baby's biometry (weight and size)
- Discover your baby's gender in a more revealing way
- Get 3D color ultrasound images

4D FACE TO FACE (Cash Basis Only)
- Hear your baby's "clearest-sounding" heartbeat
- Know your baby's biometry (weight and size)
- Discover your baby's "clearest-image" face and gender
- Get 4D color ultrasound images and CD of your baby's moving images


A. Normal Spontaneous Delivery- General Anesthesia

WARD: Php33,500.00 (Without Philhealth); Php29,250.00 (With Philhealth)
PRIVATE ROOM: Php39,500.00 (Without Philhealth); Php35,250.00 (With Philhealth)

B. Normal Spontaneous Delivery- Spinal/Epidural

WARD: Php33,500.00 (Without Philhealth); Php29,250.00 (With Philhealth)
PRIVATE ROOM: Php39,500.00 (Without Philhealth); Php35,250.00 (With Philhealth)

A. Caesarian Section

WARD: Php44,500.00 (Without Philhealth); Php31,850.00 (With Philhealth)
PRIVATE ROOM: Php51,500.00 (Without Philhealth); Php38,850.00 (With Philhealth)

The maternity package above is EXCLUSIVE of Professional Fees.

To put the maternity package in detail, it is INCLUSIVE of the following:
- Two (2)days stay for Normal Spontaneous Delivery (NSD) and three (3) days stay for Caesarian Section (CS)
- Preoperative, Intraoparative, and Postoperative Care
- Expanded New Born Screening
- Newborn Hearing Screening
- Nursing Care
- Immunization (BCG, Hepatitis B vaccine, Vitamin K)
- Maternity and Nursing Kit

Let me give you a glimpse of the Maternity Wing located at the 6th floor. You will notice that it is different from the wards that you've seen in other hospitals. When clients stay here, they will feel relaxed and rejuvenated, like having a staycation, after hours of experiencing labor pains and other stressors related to delivery.


The spacious, neat, and organized Nurses' Station is located on the spot where it is easily accessible to the clients and vice versa. The ambience can tone down the work related stress of every health care provider.

Each private room has its own flat screen television set, sofa, modern comfy patient bed, side table with chair, fixtures, cabinets, and bathroom.

Who wouldn't love to stay in this private room? It feels like you are in a five star hotel room. What I love more about it is the bathroom. It's spacious and safer for pregnant clients due to its slip-free flooring. Amazing!

The ward consists of three patient beds which are separated by curtains to promote privacy. Each portion has its own side table, cabinet, and chair. Patients share in one spacious bathroom.

The difference between a private room and suite is just the space, presence of a telephone line, and bigger table and sofa.

The Maternity Wing hallway is filled with beautiful photographs featuring the beauty of pregnancy, delivery, and raising a child.

World Citi Medical Center values medical and nursing care standards which include proper patient identification, safety, lighting, ventilation, and sanitation through the presence of properly labelled trash bins, clean and well-lit rooms and hallways, strategic placement of wide windows, and presence of fire exits. Bottles of hand sanitizers are placed everywhere making them accessible to health care providers, personnel, and even visitors to keep their hands clean before coming in the rooms to avoid cross-contamination. The entire 6th floor including the hallways is air-conditioned. The lights and doors are opened through access cards. The use of pastel colors creates a more cozy atmosphere, so cool and pleasant to the eyes.

The institution promotes the importance of breastfeeding. Formula feeding is not allowed along its premises.

I suggest that you visit to see the Maternity Wing yourself. But first give the hospital a call (+632)913-8380 locals 380 and 210 prior to your visit, for booking your pre-natal check-up, or if you want to learn more about the maternity or pre-natal package. You'll surely have a "Happy Birth Day" at World City Med! #CelebratingMOMents there will be more fun, fruitful, meaningful, and memorable.

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