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Oct 20, 2017

By: Leizel Buñao

Pregnancy Topics

Do you feel something unusual with your body? Or think you might be pregnant? You might feel that it‘s still too soon to take a pregnancy test but there are changes you are already noticing right now. Pregnancy is a special moment every woman would experience. Here are some early pregnancy signs that can help you to know if you are expecting:

  • a. Missed period. What comes to mind most of the time to ladies who think they are pregnant. However, this is not a valid sign as other women have irregular menstrual periods.

  • b. Tender and swollen breasts. The first early pregnancy sign you‘ll experience are changes in your breasts. Because of the increase in the blood supply and hormonal changes, you feel you have bigger, heavy, and tender boobs. Changes in breasts appearance and sensitivity can experience later on pregnancy.

  • c. Nausea with our without vomiting. Often refer to as “morning sickness“ although it can strike any time of the day. Pregnancy-related nausea can be experienced as early as two weeks or a month after you become a pregnant. Lucky are some women who will not experience this.

  • d. Frequent urination. You‘ll notice that you go to the bathroom from time to time to pee. It‘s a classic sign telling you are expecting a child. Hormonal changes, increase in blood volume, and your growing uterus all contribute to make your bladder work more than before.

  • e. Mood swings. Short-tempered and cranky? Discomfort and feeling irritable are caused by the surge of hormones experienced by soon-to-be mothers. Need not to worry as mood swings are normal in general and don‘t require any medical attention.

  • f. Fatigue and bloated feeling. A lot of hormonal changes can make you feel tired and sleepy even at the start of the day. Digestive system is affected also by hormonal changes and can cause burping and puffier tummy.

  • g. Cravings and smell sensitivity. You have instant and odd food cravings and can‘t stand the smell of your favourite perfume. This could be another sign telling there‘s a new life inside you. Hormonal changes can be a factor for a sudden food craving and increase in smell sensitivity.

  • h. Light spotting. You might be wondering that there is a presence of blood, usually in medium pink or brown in color, in your underwear. This could be a sign telling you a baby is on board. Don‘t fret, light spotting is normal and will continue to occur throughout your pregnancy journey.

The fastest and most certain way to know the answer is by taking a pregnancy test. If positive, consult an OB-Gyne to know the best next step to do. The sooner you know that you are pregnant, the earlier you can take care of yourself and your baby.

At World Citi Med, we‘re here not just to guide you with your pregnancy but also make sure that your pregnancy is a celebrating moment right from the start. Our OB-GYNE consultants and well-trained medical staff understand the special and extra attention for expectant mothers. Here, you are sure that you and your baby are well taken care of. Visit us at 960 Aurora Blvd., Quezon City or call us at 438-4580 loc. 380 to know more about our pre-natal and maternity packages.

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