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November 21, 2017

By: Liezel Ann Buñao

Pregnancy Topics

Aside from your husband, your OB-GYN is your next partner in your pregnancy. He/she is the person you can trust and reassure on the things you can do to have a happy nine months journey.

As a first time mom, going around hospitals might be an intimidating task. Here are eight things to consider that can help you find an OB-GYN:

• Friends and relatives‘ referral
A word from your friend or relative who has given birth is a good basis to visit their recommended OB-GYN. They can give you honest answers and share their first-hand experience. But remember that your friends/relatives‘ pregnancy needs might be different from you.

• Availability and accessibility
Does your doctor‘s clinic or admitting hospital near your area? Can you contact them even after your appointment or clinic hours? Can he/she come to you as soon as possible for any unforeseen occurrences?

Knowing these can help you decide the pros and cons when choosing OB-GYNs. You would never know when will be your exact delivery time and sometimes your doctor attends to different patients. If your OB can‘t come on your big day, better ask if he/she has an on-call doctor. You want to have a familiar face during your special day so get to know her too.

• Doctor‘s credentials and experience
You only want the best for you baby and make sure that you are in good hands of a board certified doctor. The more successful deliveries they have in their experience the better.

• Research their hospital
You have to be familiar also to your OB‘s admitting hospital as you will stay here from labor to delivery and even days after you give birth. Check the hospital‘s maternity service, facility, rate, and years of experience. It‘s important to know if they have a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for new born babies with special conditions. While we aim for a healthy baby, some complications only occur or seen when the baby has been born. Be sure also that there are pediatricians trained with cases on new born babies. Two ways to know if the hospital is right for you: (1) mother-baby friendly and (2) a breastfeeding advocate.

• Their outlook
It is great to talk to OB with a deep understanding and have years of experience in pregnancy and birth. He/she can openly share and recommend birthing methods to you.

• Doctors covered by your health insurance or HMO
You would do as much as you can to save on some fees for your pregnancy. If you have an HMO or a health insurance, check which OB-GYNs are covered by your insurance.

• Care for your specific pregnancy need
Some women have certain medical conditions, e.g. high blood or diabetes, you need to consider OB-GYNs that have specializations on your health condition.

A good partnership with your OB-GYN will lead to an amazing pregnancy and birthing experience. You should feel comfortable and confident with your OB-GYN‘s abilities and most importantly there‘s a two way communication between the both of you.

World Citi Medical Center‘s OB-GYN
We make sure you get the best care at the first sign of life through our OB-GYNs. Our doctors are known for their expertise and compassion you need.

Check out their clinic schedule to make an appointment now!

Dr. Benda Cabanilla Monday to Saturday 2PM-4PM 913-8380 / 438-4580
LOC. 219
Dr. Maria Imelda Calo Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10AM - 2PM 913-8380 / 438-4580
LOC. 206
Dr. Gay Bautista-Guiyab Monday, Wednesday & Saturday 1PM-3PM 913-8380 / 438-4580
LOC. 218
Dr. Margarita S. Santella-Jara Monday to Saturday 4PM-6PM 913-8380 / 438-4580
LOC. 206
Dr. Ma. Sylvia P. Lagman Monday to Friday 2PM-5PM Saturday 10AM-12NN 913-8380 / 438-4580
LOC. 201
Dr. Maria Cristina Malijan Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 2PM-5PM 913-8380 / 438-4580
LOC. 226
Dr. Floribel T. Marcelo Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3PM-5PM 913-8380 / 438-4580
LOC. 206
Dr. Olivia L. Ocampo Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:30AM-11:30AM, Monday to Friday 4PM - 6PM 913-8380 / 438-4580
LOC. 202
Dr. Ma. Elizabeth Palencia Tuesday and Thursday 2PM-4PM 913-8380 / 438-4580
LOC. 205
Dr. Ma. Lorcelli Parado Monday to Saturday 10AM-12NN 913-8380 / 438-4580
LOC. 200
Dr. Agnes S. Tucay Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 10AM -12NN 913-8380 / 438-4580
LOC. 206
Dr. Joana Pauline Chua-Ursua Tuesday 9AM-12NN 913-8380 / 438-4580
LOC. 218

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