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Managing Diabetes During the Holidays

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Healthy eating is one of the best tools for managing blood glucose levels. Family gatherings are centered around food and drinks during the holidays. Because of this, the holiday season can be very challenging and stressful to people with diabetes. 

According to the American Diabetes Association, “the most important thing about managing diabetes during the holiday season is to plan ahead.” Planning ahead is essential in managing your diabetes during the holiday season. With a healthy holiday plan, you can still enjoy your holiday favorites while controlling your blood sugar levels. Here are some simple tips to manage diabetes through the holidays.

  1. Keep a regular eating schedule. Try eating as close to your normal meal times as possible to keep blood sugar levels stable.
  2. Watch your carbohydrates by stacking up your plate with low-glycemic food. Don’t forget to add some vegetables to your meals!
  3. Limit or say no to alcohol altogether. Alcohol has the potential to greatly affect your blood sugar and the medications you take.
  4. Stay active by exercising daily. Exercising helps control your weight and keep your heart healthy, and is an excellent antidote for seasonal stress.
  5. Talk to your doctor for medical guidance. Discuss blood sugar target range goals and healthier food options with your physician.

Don’t let diabetes stop you from having an enjoyable holiday. Create a plan to enjoy your favorite traditions while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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