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Tayo Na-Man: WCMC Urology Center Holds Free Prostate Screening

access_time 09/24/2022 @ 12:27 PM

The Urology Center of World Citi Medical Center hosted a free prostate screening and consultation event in Quezon City last S...

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WCMC OPD Pavillion Offers FREE VACCINE for Pedia

access_time 09/07/2022 @ 05:40 PM

World Citi Medical Center OPD Pavillion offers FREE VACCINES*, including Prevenar 13, 5-in-1, Oral Polio, MMR/MR, and Vitamin...

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Breast Cancer Screening Package - EXTENDED!

access_time 08/24/2022 @ 03:39 PM

Give yourself a little more love while staying ahead of breast cancer as World Citi Medical Center’s Breast Cancer Screening...

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