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Our ophthalmology consultants offer patients a diagnostic as well as comprehensive evaluation and treatment of vision-related problems.

The following are the services are offered by the Opthalmology Specialists:

Comprehensive Eye Services

  • Comprehensive medical and surgical eye examinations – adult and pediatric

  • Refraction for spectacle prescription

  • Small incision cataract surgery

  • Treatment for dry eyes including medications, tear duct plugs, and surgery

  • Medical and surgical treatment of styes and chalazia

  • Diabetic Eye Exam

  • Second opinions

  • Trauma and emergencies

  • Treatment of eye infections, red-eye, ocular inflammation

Refractive Services

  • Accommodative intraocular lenses

  • Astigmatism correcting lens implants

Cosmetic Services

  • Botox injections for wrinkles

  • Facial fillers for wrinkles (Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, Radiesse)

  • Microdermabrasion

  • Blepharoplasty (Lid lift) surgeries to remove excess skin and fatty tissue around the eyes

Glaucoma Services

  • Initial evaluation and consultation of glaucoma

  • Computerized visual field testing

Oculoplastic Services

  • Surgical treatment for cancers of the eyelids and orbits

  • Evaluation and management of tear duct problems

  • Graves disease and thyroid-related eye disease

  • Repair of drooping upper and lower eyelids

Pediatric / Strabismus Services

  • Complete eye examinations of infants and children

  • Strabismus evaluation

  • Surgical and medical treatment of misaligned eyes, “ crossed eyes” and “wall eyes” in children and adults

  • Prism correction for double vision

  • Treatment of blocked tear ducts

  • Treatment of Amblyopia

Retina Services:

  • Valuation of management of medical and surgical retinal disorders

  • Evaluation and treatment of diabetic eye disease

  • Lucentis Injection/Avastin Injection

  • Evaluation of flashing lights and floating spots

Contact Lenses Evaluation and fitting of contact lenses:

  • One day disposable contact lenses

  • Two week and monthly disposables

  • Toric / Astigmatism correcting contact lenses

  • Monovision

  • Multifocal / Bifocal

  • Cosmetic/colored contact lenses

  • Rigid Gas Permeable (hard lenses)

Specialty Contact Lenses:

  • Keratoconus custom contact lenses

  • Aphakic (after cataract surgery) contact lenses

  • Post-surgical (after LASIK or corneal surgery) contact lenses

  • Multifocal Rigid Gas Permeable (hard lenses)

  • Syneregeyes (soft/hard hybrid specialty lenses)

To find out more or schedule your consultation, you may contact the Opthalmology Department at (02) 89138385 local 212. You can also connect with us on World Citi Medical Center Messenger

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