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WCMC OPD Pavillion Offers FREE VACCINE for Pedia

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World Citi Medical Center OPD Pavillion offers FREE VACCINES*, including Prevenar 13, 5-in-1, Oral Polio, MMR/MR, and Vitamin A Capsules, every Wednesday, 8AM-12NN. Patients will be assessed for eligibility prior to vaccination. 

A child’s immune system is more vulnerable to diseases and illnesses. This is why immunizations are important; they can save a child’s life. According to CDC, “vaccination throughout childhood is essential because it helps provide immunity before children are exposed to potentially life-threatening diseases.”

Make sure to have your children vaccinated ontime to protect them from many serious illnesses. Let’s get #vaccinated! Connect with OPD Pavillion at (02) 89138380 loc 431 for more information.

*Until supplies last.