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"I gave birth here four years ago and it’s nothing special. Now it’s very different, our room really looks nice and comfortable even the bathroom, I really like it. Even the food is prepared well. I didn’t expect that there will be a lot of freebies and flowers for me. Thank you so much."

Donalyn Lauson

Mother of 2

"Super ganda ng service! The nurses and doctors really look after us. They encourage you to do breastfeeding and gave tips as well. The food was delicious and came on time. I hope you’ll continue this great service to all your patients."

Jamillah Mae Orpilla

first-time mom to baby Azaleighya

"I’m happy with the services of the nurses, doctors and other staff. They taught me how to do proper breastfeeding and bathing of my baby. And even though I’m on a full liquid diet, food is still delicious. Masaya ako na may nareceive akong flowers and surprised to receive these freebies for me and baby."

Patrise Hannah Sanchez

first-time Mom